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West Bradenton Biblical Counseling

TGrace Biblical Counesling

  • What is Biblical counseling?  It is a mirror. We are able to see ourselves from God's point of view.  It reflects who we really are. God uses his word verify, affirm the counselee’s thoughts, actions and feelings. 

  • Will Biblical counseling get rid of the pain, the dysfunction or choas? God never intended us to live in pain.  We were created to live in a joyful relationship with GOD, others and ourselves. 

  • If this is so, then why are so many people in pain? We live in a fallen world. 

  • Will I learn what is causing my pain? Pain is a consequence of sinful behaviors and broken relationships.  There are two kinds of pain - physical and spiritual pain. Spiritual pain is when your heart, soul or mind hurts .

  • What are the goals of Biblical Counseling?  The first goal is to return one to health, spiritually and mentally. Another goal is to bring us to maturity and Christ likeness by character transformation.  

  • What happens when if I follow this method?  The root causes and sources of and pain are exposed', brought into the light. The light restores clarity, focus and understanding.

  • Does my present suffering and pain have a purpose? Yes. God often uses trials and suffering to accomplish this (James 1:2-4).  The counselor seeks to guide the counselee into a newer and closer relationship with God, others and himself (2 Cor 5:17-20)

  • Is Biblical counseling just about learning  certain facts or scriptures? NO.  It is about reality, the heart, and the freedom to be who God created you to be.

  • What is the long term goal in counseling? The purpose for counseling is for every individual to become more like Christ, godly in all spheres of life (2 Peter 1:3-10, Romans 8:28,29) and to return each counselee to Joy.

  • What methods does Biblical Counseling use? Biblical counseling seeks to a face-to-face encounter a with the living God. (John 3)

  • The majority of our emotional, mental and physical difficulties have spiritual roots (Psalm 1).

  • Why is the Holy Spirit's so critical to this process? He helps us with prayers, scripture, comfort and transformation.  He is revealer of what's really going on. (Jeremiah 17:5-10, Hebrews 4:15-16).

  • Why doesn’t what God has done for others work for me? You are uniquely created (Psalm 119:133, Proverbs 3:5-8).

  • How long will this process take?  Healing and restoration can take place immediately.  However, the process is greatly speeded everyone does their part in cooperation with God. God will not what you must do!

  • Medication is a secondary and temporary option rather than a primary solution. It may be necessary for stabilization.  The counselor will work with your doctor or primary care physician as necessary and agreed to in the licensure documents.

  • We are not affiliated with any church or denomination.

  • We will counsel individuals and families from virtually every denomination.

  • We do offer churches the opportunity to partner with us. These partnerships are designed to be mutually beneficial and a way to counsel people within their church facilities, and for assisting churches in need of professional counseling. 

  • Additionally, anyone who is staff member at is expected to be an active member of a local Bible-believing fellowship and growing in their faith. 

West Bradenton Biblical Counseling

TGrace Biblical Counseling

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